My Playlist Dedicated to Dallas

Last week I was in Dallas for work, probably for the last time, at least in a foreseeable future. I have too many moments to count in this city. This week in particular, I remember my feelings when I first came here for college. Among the mixed excitement and anxiety of a nineteen-year-old going away far from home for the first time is the thought of who I am in this larger world. And predominantly, that is, I am a normal person, with no specialness to prove to the world and to others. I can have strengths and weaknesses, can fail and achieve things, can experience happiness and despair, can disappoint myself and others and can change for the better, just like a normal person. To me, this is the most liberating thought, setting me free to think and to do whatever I want till now.

I have never been able to put this thought into words until I watched the Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp’s interview last week. In the video, one of the world’s best football coaches explains in his very funny and honest way, why he is a completely normal person (10:20 – 15:55).

See the interview here:

He got mediocre A-level results, known publicly to his classmates by the headmaster to make matter worse. He said five hundred years ago, he would have been dancing in front of the king and sleeping in the street with his skills and knowledge. He attributes his career to the pure luck of having the right skills at the right time.

Any way, that’s it about the being-a-normal-person philosophy. Now, this is the short little playlist I have made in dedication to Dallas on this occasion.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 10.57.47 PM
See the playlist here:

I start with “Something Stupid” by Lola Marsh, the song I have heard with my husband while watching Better Call Saul. The cover is pretty good I think. So are “She” by Charles Aznavour and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by John Lloyd Young. “My Girl” and “I Got You Babe” are in the list because I think they go nicely with the other surrounding songs.  Together with “Something Stupid,” “I Really Love You” by George Harrison is stuck in my head this whole week. I end the playlist with one of the songs I love by Carla Bruni, among the many. The cover of the playlist is the painting by Georgia O’Keefe at the Dallas Museum of Art, Grey Blue & Black–Pink Circle, 1929.

This playlist, “Last Dallas,” is to the city that has held my heart for so long.